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Who Should You Name as a Beneficiary?

The proceeds from your life insurance policy can benefit your loved ones in many ways, from paying off your outstanding debts to providing supplemental income for your spouse and children to covering funeral and burial expenses. Life insurance policy payouts average $168,000.1 As the policyholder, you can—and should— name beneficiaries of the policy. Generally, [...]

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Do You Have Enough Life Insurance?

About 90 million Americans depend on life insurance for financial protection and retirement security.1 An almost equal number say that they either do not have any life insurance or need more life insurance.2 More than one-third say they plan to purchase coverage in the next year.3 With very few exceptions, life insurance can benefit [...]

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Creative Uses for Life Insurance

According to a new study from LIMRA and Life Happens, two nonprofit industry trade associations, a record-high number of American adults—approximately 102 million—either do not have life insurance or do not have enough coverage.1 Misunderstandings about how much life insurance costs and what type to purchase are the largest barriers to purchasing a policy. [...]

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Aretha Franklin: Too Much Estate Planning

Too little estate planning can put your heirs in a bind and tie up your estate in time-consuming and costly probate litigation. But as the legal saga of Aretha Franklin’s estate shows, too much estate planning—in particular, planning that introduces uncertainty about your final wishes—can also be problematic.After her death, there are lessons to learn [...]

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Gloria Vanderbilt: No Trust Fund Kids for Her

We are at the precipice of what is being called “The Greatest Wealth Transfer in History,” as baby boomers are set to pass down $84 trillion to younger generations.1 Every parent wants to see their children succeed. But some may wonder whether an inheritance will help promote or hinder the future success of their children. [...]

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Let’s Do the Math: How Does the Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Work?

You may have considered creating a trust to transfer wealth to your grandchildren and great- grandchildren. But you may not have considered how the generation-skipping transfer (GST) tax could affect this inheritance. To better explain how the tax would impact a gift in trust, we are going to do some math.Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Rate The federal [...]

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Leaving Money Directly to Your Grandchildren

Read on if you plan to skip a generation (your children) and make your grandchildren the beneficiaries of your estate plan.Many people are familiar with the existence and some aspects of estate and gift taxes. If you are part of a high-net-worth family, it is important to also understand the generation- skipping transfer (GST) tax [...]

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