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Bettina Lawton

“I am an attorney passionate about helping clients keep control over their lives through documents that allow them to speak for themselves after they have become unable to do so, because of disability or death.

My approach is straightforward. I ask questions to help you identify what is important to you. What values do you want to pass on to your children? If you can no longer do that yourself, who do you want to take on that role for you? Do you want to protect your children from financial harm or unwise decisions? Who do you want to benefit from your life-long accumulation of assets? Do you have charities or causes that are near-and-dear to your heart? In case of your incapacity, who do you trust to make your decisions for you? What guidance do you want to give those people now, while you are still able?

I listen carefully to your answers and offer solutions to achieve what you want.

It would be a privilege to become your trusted advisor. I look forward to speaking with you so we can begin our work together.”

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Bettina is on the list of “preferred providers” of estate planning legal services distributed by my father’s financial advisor.  Given the strong link between financial and estate planning, I was glad to have a vetted referral.  My father’s documents were over two decades old and drafted with my mother, who has since died.  Further, the documents were too vague and created confusion and conflict as he began to need clinical and personal services.  Bettina spent an hour with my sister and me, explaining in clear, plain language the gaps and risks of the current documents.  She made suggestions about changes that needed to be made on my father’s behalf.  Before we left, she gave us a referral for another estate attorney so that she could remain our attorney, should we need her advice.  Bettina was exactly the counsel we needed at a critical time for my father as he ages and needs more support and services.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking to establish, understand or revise their critical estate documents.

Jenny A., 2022

Lucille and I really appreciate the work you did to get our estate documents set up and finalized. We think that the documents definitely express our wishes, both for our finances and for our future health care decisions. We appreciate your thoughtful advice. You helped us plan for a good number of contingencies that we had not even considered. We also appreciate your attention to detail in drawing up the documents. Thank you very much.

Lucille and Mike M., 2019

Thank you for your help and support as we put together a series of updated Trusts, Wills, and Medical Directive documents. As we found the first time we worked with you, your engaging style makes the whole process smooth and seemingly effortless. Your counsel was right on the mark, and we really appreciated the advice and directions you provided throughout the sessions.

Jim and Cindy W., 2018

Bettina first assisted me in 2005 with updating my will and general durable power of attorney, as well as preparing an advanced medical directive for the first time. I appreciated both her advice and her direct approach in guiding me through this process. Bettina was available to help me with minor updates to my estate plan over the years, and more recently with significant revisions that accurately reflect my changing wishes and needs. Bettina is both knowledgeable and reliable, and I appreciate our longstanding professional relationship of over ten years.

Virginia H., 2017

Bettina is an exacting pro who is very cordial to work with. She worked diligently with us to help craft estate plans appropriate for our joint and individual circumstances as life partners. Bettina is knowledgeable about the nuances of wills, powers of attorney and trusts, among other things. She is a veteran lawyer, thorough and professional. We will continue to rely on her for guidance and legal representation.

Janice C. and Steve M., 2017

Over the years, Bettina has stressed the importance of estate planning and the impact of not being prepared. She has guided me with the creation of a comprehensive plan that meets all of my needs and protects my loved ones. I have found Bettina to be knowledgeable, professional and reliable in my dealings with her. In fact, I have referred her to other members of my family, as well as to friends and colleagues, with confidence and my personal guaranty that they will be completely satisfied with her services. I am very happy I retained her!

Cesar D., 2016

Bettina went far beyond just implementing my trusts and work contract. She helped to educate me about the laws and their implications. She’s truly a partner in helping to keep my personal and professional matters in order!

Marsha M., 2014

Bettina is not only the consummate legal professional, she is also a pleasure to work with, very reliable and thorough. In addition, she cares about her community and dedicates many unpaid hours toward making it better.

Michael F., 2013

I cannot express the full extent of my gratitude for the outstanding legal advice and assistance that you provided my mother and me in the development and finalization of our wills, medical directives and the delegation of power-of-attorney by my mother to me. The extraordinary benefits of your professional and sound legal advice were never more evident than during my mother’s final years when I had to implement the power-of-attorney and medical directives. They were so precise, thanks to you, that I never encountered a problem with the financial or other institutions and, following her death, the probate of the will was expedited due to the high quality of the will itself.

Trey R., 2012

Bettina Lawton is an amazing Estate attorney. Working with someone whose expertise and attention to detail is unparalleled has provided us with complete confidence and peace of mind. Bettina made herself eminently available throughout the process.

We could not recommend her highly enough!

Connie and Richard S., 2023
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