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“Bettina is on the list of “preferred providers” of estate planning legal services distributed by my father’s financial advisor.  Given the strong link between financial and estate planning, I was glad to have a vetted referral.  My father’s documents were over two decades old and drafted with my mother, who has since died.  Further, the documents were too vague and created confusion and conflict as he began to need clinical and personal services.  Bettina spent an hour with my sister and me, explaining in clear, plain language the gaps and risks of the current documents.  She made suggestions about changes that needed to be made on my father’s behalf.  Before we left, she gave us a referral for another estate attorney so that she could remain our attorney, should we need her advice.  Bettina was exactly the counsel we needed at a critical time for my father as he ages and needs more support and services.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking to establish, understand or revise their critical estate documents.”

Jenny A., 2022