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National Safety Month: A Revocable Living Trust as Your Tool for Safety

For over a quarter of a century, the National Safety Council has recognized June as National Safety Month. An objective of National Safety Month is to raise public awareness of the top safety and health risks in the United States. One of the lesser known but considerable risks Americans and their loved ones face are […]

Two Essential Things to Add to Your Moving Checklist

The month of May means not only the end of the school year and the beginning of summer but also the beginning of the busiest moving season of the year. That’s why May is National Moving Month. There is a lot to think about when moving: along with organizing and packing up all of your […]

In Honor of Earth Day, Consider Some Eco-Friendly Burial Options

When it comes to death and what to do with a deceased’s remains, most people think of only two options: burial or cremation. However, these options are not particularly environmentally friendly. Burial, which is arguably the worst option from an environmental standpoint, uses an estimated 100,000 tons of steel, 1.5 million tons of concrete, 77,000 […]

Using a Standby Supplemental Needs Trust to Protect Your Loved Ones

We all plan for “just-in-case” scenarios. When packing for our week-long vacation, we throw in a rain jacket even though the weather forecast is sunny—just in case. When planning for the future, it is also important to consider what will happen just in case one of your loved ones becomes disabled. We tend to think that […]

Estate Planning Lessons We Learned from US Presidents

February 21 is the day on which we celebrate several US presidents who made noteworthy contributions to our country. As with any discussion that involves politics, a discussion about US presidents risks generating a variety of opinions about which reasonable minds can disagree. However, politics is not the focus of this month’s newsletter. Instead, our […]

Three Steps to Prioritize Your Happiness and the Happiness of Your Loved Ones

Not only is January the first month of a new year, it is also a time when many celebrate Hunt for Happiness Week (January 16-22, 2022). Happiness is something that humanity, in large part, has spent a tremendous amount of effort pursuing throughout history. Early on, happiness likely came from simple victories such as having […]

Why You Might Not Want to Name Your Advisor as a Beneficiary

Imagine the following scenario: For years, you have worked with a valued professional advisor who has become a close friend, maybe even closer than some of your family members. You know her family, attend church with her, and know her to be a model citizen who contributes significant value to your community. This professional has […]

What to Do If You Are in a Fender Bender and How It Might Affect Your Estate Planning

In the words of George R. R. Martin’s fictional characters from the noble house Stark, “Winter is coming.” Along with this change of seasons comes a change in driving conditions in much of North America—slippery roads, rain, snow, less sunlight during the morning and evening commutes, and a variety of other hazards. Unfortunately, with an increase […]

Estate Planning Awareness Week: Don’t Fall Victim to These Common Myths

Next week is Estate Planning Awareness Week (October 18–24, 2021). To that end, this month’s newsletter is geared toward helping you become aware of and better understand common estate planning myths. Left unaddressed, these myths can create serious trouble for your loved ones, often leading to intrafamily conflict, permanently damaged relationships, and lengthy and expensive […]

Preparing for the Reduction in the Estate Tax Exemption

In late May of this year, the U.S. Treasury released a publication detailing a number of the proposed tax code changes that the Biden administration would like to usher through Congress in an ambitious effort to modernize the US tax system to meet its citizens’ needs. While reasonable minds may differ strongly on the best […]

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